EMERGENCY: WWF Hellas and Greenpeace unite our voice. We need your help! 

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EMERGENCY : WWF Hellas and Greenpeace unite our voices and we need your help! We literally have only a few days to stop an extremely dangerous development for our environment, economy and health!


For the first time, the government is challenging environmental legislation, explicitly allowing oil and gas to be mined in protected areas (Article 44)

For the first time, the government is taking away from the local community and municipal authorities the right to vote on hydrocarbon exploration in public areas owned by them (Article 110).

The bill was originally put to public consultation with 66 articles. However, its final form, as it was tabled for discussion and voting in Parliament, had 130 articles (!), 64 of which never saw the light of day. Such processes exacerbate lawlessness, legal insecurity and ultimately undermine our democracy.

Your voice is very important! The pandemic teaches us that a healthy natural environment is the best way to shield public health and build a solid foundation the next day. At the same time, it is accelerating what was already inevitable: the end of oil.

We demand a fair and resilient economy for tomorrow. An economy with clean air and an environment that respects natural resources and protects the planet and our health.

Greenpeace and WWF Hellas, we have united against the "black" of this bill and we need you NOW!

So we ask the Government:
* Not to allow the oil industry to undermine any environmental protection, depriving local communities of their self-evident right to speak. Immediately withdraw all provisions on mining from the bill.

*To finally find the political will to cancel the hydrocarbon mining plans in the country, putting an end to the environmental horror series that unfolds in huge land and / or sea areas of Epirus, Western Greece, the Peloponnese, the Ionian Sea and Crete.

We are stepping up our efforts until the last minute to eliminate or substantially improve all the problematic provisions of the bill, in addition to those related to mining. More information on the overall review and proposals on the bill can be found on the websites of the two organizations.