Sign the Promise for 1.5C

Our leaders have failed us. They have filled our ears with promises, catch phrases and lies. They signed an agreement, and they are not respecting it. And by doing so, they are putting our present and our future in danger. The climate crisis is already affecting people all over the world. Scientists have been crystal clear: If we don’t face the climate emergency now, there is no going back.

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Black Lives Matter

Visit the official website of "Black Lives Matter" to see how you can be of help!

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WALL E, Film

“Wall E” is a 2008 animated science-fiction romance film that follows a solitary robot on a future, uninhabitable, deserted Earth, left to clean up garbage.
The viewer discovers an imagined earth in the 29th century, seven years after humanity left behind a wasted planet.  The movie carries a large extent of social criticism with it, something that is rather unusual for a Pixar film. The film criticizes mass consumerism and humans’ environmental impact by picturing its most dramatic consequences.

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Dear Future Children Film

Dear Future Children is a documentary film about young activism worldwide. The German-British-Austrian Co-production provides insights into the lives of three young activists from Hong Kong, Uganda and Chile and examines the impact on their daily lives.


Brave Blue World, Film

“Brave Blue World” is a documentary that paints an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to prevent this upcoming water crisis. The documentary interviews inspiring inventors, experts, engineers and innovative visionaries all around the world that are already helping to find ways for a sustainable water future. Whether this documentary should be considered to be more optimistic than realistic, should be left to the viewer. I’m rather sceptical.

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Kiss The Ground, Film

‘Kiss the Ground’ is a documentary centred around the importance of soil in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Specifically, it addresses the consequences that chemical fertilisers instil to our precious soil and how they can affect the animals’ and our own health, the rate of desertification of the grounds and the yearly amount of rain in a specific area.

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A Plastic Ocean, Film

‘A plastic ocean’ depicts exactly some of the consequences of using plastic and their extent, which can at times be unthinkable and unexpected; and all that in relation to the ocean.
Specifically, the documentary shows multiple researches done by people who, in some way, are related to the ocean (whether they are marine biologists, divers, surfers, nature photographers etc). Each research concluded in different ways that nurdles (pellets used in the production of plastic), microplastic (small pieces of broken-down plastic) and pieces of plastic can be dangerous for ocean fauna, land fauna and even humans themselves.

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